We get you meetings, you close the deals.

(You only pay per qualified meeting that shows up.)

Without relying on paid ads, or making content that doesn't book calls, or paying a sales development rep a monthly retainer just to get mediocre results.

We book meetings directly into your calendar 100% done for you

If you don't have the right systems in place to generate meetings you'll be stuck in the cycle of feast and famine. We ensure you always have an over flow of leads and never have to worry about where your next deal is coming from.


10 qualified sales calls within 29 days

10 qualified sales calls booked within 7 days

$219k in pipeline value within 46 days

6 qualified sales calls booked within 7 days

Our Process:



We'll share an onboarding form so we can understand more about your business, offer, and processes.


Pre-Launch Call

We'll schedule our pre-launch call and build an initial campaign strategy for your cold email campaigns.


System Setup

We'll build your system including: Inboxes, Lead Lists, Campaign Copy, and your Appointment Setting Backend


Launch Campaigns

Once everything has been approved by you, we'll launch your campaigns and reach your ideal-clients at scale.


Deliver Meetings

Once we generate qualified leads, we'll follow up with them & book the calls directly into your calendar for you.


Refine & Repeat

We'll send you weekly reports & have frequent calls to go over the results and constantly improve your system.

No more hiring BDRs

BDRs expect a monthly pay of $4k/month, when on average they only booked 10-12 meetings per month. On the other hand we only get paid per qualified meeting we get to show up. (No-Brainer)

Ready to be the cash cow of your industry?

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